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Trust Our General Contractor in North Truro & Brewster, MA

Increase the value of your home with new windows

Is your energy bill increasing every month? If you live in a house with old windows, they could be the culprit of your rising bills. New windows are substantially more energy efficient and they add immediate value to your home. FS Rebar Construction specializes in window and door replacements and installations. Our general contractor has over 10 years of experience with window replacement and window installation projects.

By investing in new windows, you can lower your energy bill and increase the level of comfort in your home. Why bother doing the hard work, when an experienced general contractor is just a phone call away. Call 508-247-7175 now to schedule a window replacement appointment in North Truro or Brewster, MA.

We specialize in window installation and window repair in North Truro & Brewster, MA. Let us handle all of your window needs today!

Feel safer in your home with a brand-new door

Replacing your exterior doors may seem like a pointless chore when your doors aren't damaged, but newer doors could keep you safer in your home. Our team offers door installation and door replacement services, so you can easily switch out your old door for a new one.

Doors can add character and value to your home. Don't wait until your door is beyond repair. Contact us to upgrade the doors in your home today.

If you need a door installation in North Truro or Brewster, MA, we are happy to be of service to you.